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The great thing about Rio is that it is very temperate all year round.

During the summer months, it can get a bit hot at times but the humidity is not usually high. .

During the winter, it also rarely gets cold which makes Rio a terrific holiday spot all year long.

Summer, summer is generally considered to include December, January, February and part of March.

Rio has daylight savings time from middle of October through middle/late February.

During this time, December and January are the hottest months with temperatures going over 104 Deg.

December through April are also the months with the most average rainfall.

These rainfalls range from afternoon showers to several consecutive days of rain.

In Rio, summer holidays are considered to begin around Christmas time and last through the end of Carnaval (date varies but generally late February).

During this period, Rio runs at a very relaxed pace.

Between just before Christmas and lasting through the first week of January, most businesses are closed for the holidays.

In Rio, New Years Eve is a big event.

Copacabana beach is the location of one of the world's most famous parties and fireworks displays.

On Copacabana beach alone, it is customary to see several million revellers gather for this famous event.
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