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Dan Glasure talks about imported brass model trains, focusing on the history and types of brass trains, and the evolution of the collecting hobby.

The Brass Train Guide Book and can be contacted via his website, Brass Trains.

Weve been operating Dans Train Depot, which is the parent company of m, for about 11 years now.

We bought out a very large brass dealer about five to six years ago who owned the site and we revamped.

I started out as a collector and I still enjoy the hobby.

I dont have a huge personal collection because we have such a huge turnover here.

Generally I fill up my display cases and then something new comes in that interests me a little more.

HO Nickel Plate Products, Custom Painted Milwaukee Hiawatha.

I got into trains just like probably everybody else in the world, or anyone my age anyways: finding the old Lionel train set that my dad had up in the attic.

The generation before me got into trains when they were given a Lionel train set, so I think thats why Lionel trains have been very collectible.

I quickly became disenchanted with the Lionel and became interested in the.

HO scale because its much more realistic and theres much more available to actually work with.

It wasnt so much a toy; it was a scale model.

The Lionel trains I got in the attic, I traded those in within a couple months and was off to HO scale.

It took a few years to graduate to brass models, but thats the pinnacle of modeling as far as accuracy and detail and collectibility.

The brass models are very limited and very accurate representations of actual trains that have been made through the years.

HO trains were really coming into their own in the 1950s and early 60s.
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