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Mom and son bf

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Mom and son bf
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0The b/f is still traveling for business, so I have to deal with the damage his son did to the house during his party.

Tonight, I met with my b/f's son and his ex-wife to assess the damage.

This is the first time I have been in a position of authority with my b/f's children and only the second time I've talked with his.

The first time I talked with the ex was on Sunday when I discovered the damage.

Anyhoo, mom and son came to the house to meet me at 7:30 tonight.

We walked through the house and I had the son take notes of the damage and the approximate cost to repair.

He admitted to causing most of it, but said his little brother (15 y/o) is responsible for some.

All told, I suggested the damage was approx.

I also told him that his father and I would be talking at great length with him (and his younger brother) about what a potentially litigious situation he put his father.
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