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Taxi 69com

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Taxi 69com
with two choices, either help mafia members escape to their hideout, or refuse their proposal, and then regret the opportunity for interesting business.

If you want more than just driving a taxi, you should consider their offer.

You can get into big trouble, but if you don't risk in your life, you won't be successful.

Besides that, being a taxi driver isn't a big deal.

Sometimes you drive older people to the hospital, sometimes you wait for drunk people in front of a club late in the night, and rarely anyone tips you so it would be worth doing this job.

Yeah, clearly, sometimes you can be lucky to drive around the town and suddenly spot a group of tourists which need to get to a nearby zoo.

However, this doesn't happen so often, and working for a few influential people would allow you to buy a pair of new Air Maxes which you want so badly!

Seriously though, what a taxi driver really needs to know.

Above all, it's about driving a car responsibly.

Customers must feel safe and their comfort is always the top priority.

Ability to repair the car, obviously.

And last but not least, honesty.

Since the good price is crucial in this field.

Cheating on customers shouldn't exist!

Satisfied customers then let their friends know about your service, so you can get more potential customers who would like to use your services in the future - that's the real moneymaker here!

Don't hit any vehicles, and park taxi cars like a pro.

Race against other taxi drivers in a series of crazy competitions.

Perform stunts with your cabby, and get to your next customer with a real style!

Get paid for a flawless ride, and keep improving your driving skills with every kilometre you pass!

Visit taxi proving grounds and hone your driving skills.

Complete tutorials in driving school and learn to really rule the road in taxi cab games style!
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